Get Started Learning and Practicing Abacus

This program is designed to teach beginners to add and subtract any numbers on the abacus. Daily practice worksheets provide kids with questions targeted at their skill level helping them to master abacus basics.

Need a bigger challenge? Try the custom abacus math tool which generates questions which target specific techniques and large numbers.

Targeted Skills

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Custom Worksheets

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Varying Difficulty

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Learn to Add and Subtract on the Abacus for Kids

This three-part course helps kids become familiar with the abacus and learn all the techniques required for addition and subtraction. It covers bead values, the small-friend concept and borrow and carry. Beginners are encouraged to take their time to work through the course at their own pace and to master one new skill at a time. The skills learned in this course are the foundations of abacus and are essential for more advanced mathematics.